Our Research School

The Shotton Hall Research School aims to make research exciting and accessible by approaching it with fresh ideas and energy. Having formed a partnership with universities and our local school-led regional network, Schools North East, we are well placed to support teachers and schools across the north east.

Through our enthusiasm for research and our skilled staff, we will develop a range of courses, tools and resources that will translate research for our colleagues, creating a bridge between academic research and classroom practice. We hope to become a beacon for best practice in research across the north east and will work hard to make this happen.

In an often uncertain educational climate, we believe our research school can bring clarity by identifying and embedding interventions that are most likely to impact on pupil outcomes – in other words, we want to provide teachers with methods that are odds on to work.

Everything we do will be underpinned by a ‘rigour in research’ approach, meaning that we will support schools to become involved ‘in’ evidence based activity as well as engaging ‘with’ it. Put simply, we want to help teachers and schools to become involved in our research projects, but also, to to help them learn how to better understand research themselves by questioning and probing it to ensure it can be trusted and used effectively.